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A perfumed Messiah

G.-F. HAENDEL's Messiah

Conductor, Hervé Niquet
With Sandrine Piau, Anthea Pichanick, Kresimir Spicer, Bozidar Smiljanic
Choir and orchestra, Le Concert Spirituel

Saturday 15 December 2018, 7pm
Sunday 16 Décember 2018, 4pm
Chapelle royale du Château de Versailles

« Do not ask me why, but in the fifty years I have known Handel's Messiah (I sang it in all voices before conducting it), during the "Pifa" and Hallelujah, suddenly, I have two smells in my nose that have been haunting me since I was eight years old.»
Hervé Niquet

With the world's greatest "Nez", Hervé Niquet has created two unique fragrances for his interpretation of Handel's Messiah with Le Concert Spirituel in order to reinforce through the perfume the emotion instilled by the music.
In collaboration with Design Désirable and IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances), the olfactory system was entirely built according to Hervé Niquet's score and musical intention.
This synergy between the power of fragrance and music is a world Première in the Royal Chapel of the Château de Versailles. You will discover two different flavours at two key moments of the concert: the first will accompany the "Pifa" in a soothing state as if wrapped in the divine of the air and nature in its pure state; the second will be heady, red, flamboyant at the moment of rising for the Alleluia.
Both fragrances are diffused thanks to a new technology: La Guilde has created a particularly innovative dry fragrance diffusion system and Emotic a unique system allowing this immersive artistic experience.
A discreet addition that adapts perfectly to music, Scientists, "Nez" and Artists offer you an ephemeral experience of the senses, certainly, but which, we hope, will be a new encounter with this so famous piece.

Olfactory creation in partnership with Le Concert Spirituel, Design Désirable, Emotic, La Guilde and IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances)