• Le Concert Spirituel copyright Guy Vivien
    Le Concert Spirituel copyright Guy Vivien

Dear friends,
Dear audience, dear patrons, 
Dear music lovers, Dear partners,
All of you who have loved and defended Le Concert Spirituel for over 30 years,

Like all of you, Le Concert Spirituel is going through an unprecedented and deeply destabilizing period for its activity and its team.
Touched by the cancellation of its concert at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels on 16 March, the ensemble also suffered from the cancellation of its great stage creation Platée de Rameau, at the Capitole de Toulouse and consequently at the Royal Opera of Versailles. Our actions at the Hôpital Necker - Enfants malades (AP-HP) also had to be cancelled, a decision which particularly affects us and which reminds us of the incredible work carried out by our health services today.

All of the concerts scheduled until the summer have now been affected, meaning five to six months of lost activity. The following seasons have already been greatly modified and some more distant productions cancelled.

The cancellations, postponements and financial difficulties of our partners make us fragile, and we have to adapt and invent solutions. Thanks to the great reactivity of the team, 100% teleworking, and our daily exchanges with Hervé Niquet, we are doing our utmost so that Le Concert Spirituel can continue to present the French and European musical heritage to audiences all around the world, so that the work and livelyhood of our performing artists is preserved, so that our community actions with the youth may continue.

This is a huge challenge.
We would like to express our solidarity with all the musicians, artists, technicians, cultural structures, halls and festivals, companies and ensembles, who, like us, are bearing the acute consequences of the sanitary situation and subsequent lockdown and social distancing mesures. We all need each other to continue to create, co-produce and present the best to the public. In the immediate term, we are putting all our energy into reducing the impact of these cancellations on our artists.

We look forward to having the immense joy of sharing magnificent concerts and operas performances with you again - "live and for real"! -, and we need you even more by our side today. 
Over the next few weeks, We will do things differently, hopefully communicate with you a lot, and think about our activities in a new way. Your support, your advice or your skills will be invaluable in strengthening and uniting our community. This is an opportunity to remind you that Le Concert Spirituel could not exist without you. And we will come to you to propose you to support us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons for their loyalty at this time when their support is strategic, and particularly the Fondation Bru and Mécénat Musical Société Générale, which, in order to support the sector, has decided to renew in advance and for a period of one year the patronage agreements for ensembles coming to an end, such as that of Le Concert Spirituel.

More than ever, culture and music must be with us in these difficult times. We’ll keep in touch with you via our emails, phones, website and social networks.
We’d like to leave the last word to Hervé Niquet :
"Le Concert Spirituel, without its host venues and audience : it doesn't exist at all.
We can’t wait to start making music again ! 
So please, do take care of yourselves. We miss you, and we’ll be needing each and every one of you as soon as the engine of our lives will start to backfire again ! 
Yours faithfully"

Hervé Niquet, 
Jean-Yves Patte, Président of Le Concert Spirituel
Aude Massiet du Biest, CEO
and Le Concert Spirituel’s team