• Le Messie © Le Concert Spirituel
    Le Messie © Le Concert Spirituel
  • Sandrine Piau © Sandrine Expilly
    Sandrine Piau © Sandrine Expilly

Saturday 15 December 2018, 7pm
Sunday 16 december 2018, 4pm
Chapelle royale du Château de Versailles


Sandrine Piau, soprano
Anthea Pichanick, mezzo-soprano
Kresimir Spicer, tenor
Bozidar Smiljanic, baryton-bass
Le Concert Spirituel, choir and orchestra
Hervé Niquet, conductor

Timing: 2h30 with intermission

An oratorio not to be missed!

Handel's popular work The Messiah is no longer to be presented, as are his suites Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks. The Messiah was composed in 1741 by Handel, it refers to the resurrection of the Messiah and the redemption, and is famous notably for its Alleluia choir and its great arias as "I know that my reemer liveth" for soprano.

Originally composed and performed for Easter, today and since Handel's death, The Messiah is usually performed during Advent, in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The work baffled the English at the time, notably by its orchestration and its abundance of choirs (which, on the contrary, seduced the Irish). If the King of England rose at the premiere of the Messiah, propelled by the explosion of joy of the Alleluia, it was not until after 1750 that this sublime work met, in London, the public success it deserves, and since then, until today, this essential work is one of the most appreciated baroque pieces in the world.