• Impressions d'Italie © Romain Batteux - Sinfonia en Périgord
    Impressions d'Italie © Romain Batteux - Sinfonia en Périgord
  • Impressions d'Italie à Neuilly-sur-Seine
    Impressions d'Italie à Neuilly-sur-Seine
  • Impressions d'Italie à Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache
    Impressions d'Italie à Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache

Saturday 27 Jaunary 2018, 8.45pm
Church Notre-Dame du Val, Bussy Saint-Georges 
With the Festival Frisson Baroque (Parc culturel de Rentilly)

Conductor, Nicolas André

Concert program
Litanies à la Vierge, Magnificat by P. Lorenzani
Missa Raggio Celeste, Missa Pastoralis et Missa Ecce Sacerdos Magnus by O. Benevolo
Jesu corona H 53, Domine salvum fac regem H 292 by M.-A. Charpentier         

1h10 without interval

Program for 12 male soloist voices

This concert is built around the Missa Raggio celeste (or "celestial radiance") by Orazio Benevolo, considered as one of the most worthy successors of Palestrina. Benevolo was one of Hervé Niquet's first loves, since he dedicated several recordings to him, notably the Missa Azzolina, in world premiere, since the Le Concert Spirituel's creation.

Today, Le Concert Spirituel returns to the twelve-part men soloist and bass ensemble that made its success with Pierre Bouteiller's Requiem, and takes the audience on a musical journey between France and Italy, from Paris (where Charpentier and Lorenzani performed) to the Basilica of St. Pierre and the Church of St. Louis des Français in Rome (where Benevolo performed).

Around this great polychoral mass, which forms the central axis of this program, Hervé Niquet has chosen to reconstitute the course of an office as it was probably practiced in the Church of St Luigi dei Francesi, near the famous Piazza Navona in Rome, intermingling motets by Charpentier and Lorenzani (who was a pupil of Benevolo in Rome).

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