• Répétitions d' "Un opéra imaginaire"
    Répétitions d' "Un opéra imaginaire"
  • Tutorat - répétitions d' "Un opéra imaginaire"
    Tutorat - répétitions d' "Un opéra imaginaire"

As every year, Le Concert Spirituel is very pleased to welcome students from the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris and the Pôle supérieur d'enseignement artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt. They join the creation of our 30th anniversary: "An Imaginary Opera", a production where they willahave a great time with all the most beautiful pages of the Baroque repertoire.

Under the tutoring of the leaders of each section: violin, viola and cello,and the vigilant eye of Hervé Niquet, they participate in rehearsals and concerts with the greatest soloists: Karine Deshayes, Katherine Watson and Reinoud Mechelen.

Organized during their studies, these experiences gave students a rich training and knowledge base suc as:

  • responsiveness to requests of the conductor
  • stress management
  • adaptability (style, sound, etc.)
  • ability to work as part of a team and to follow the pace
  • or the management of professional constraints (time, concentration, speed of reaction, amount of work, etc.).
La transmission par Hervé Niquet